Texas Pipe and Supply

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The Eclectic Menagerie Park

The Rubenstein Family has always had a love for art, which is why it is not surprising that on the edge of their 108 acre Houston pipe yard sits an open-aired public museum. Numerous handmade metal sculptures by local and famous artists, handpicked by the Rubensteins’, line the edge of the yard along 288 South and Bellfort St.

Many of these pieces are done by local artist, contractor and designer, Ron Lee, as well as light metals artist, Mark Rankin. Mr. Lee has dedicated years of his life to Texas Pipe as a resident contractor, inventor and of course sculptor. Lee has been designing for nearly 40 years and has had plenty of experience working with metals. Ron, who spent many of his younger years growing up in Idaho, is certified in nuclear pipe welding as well as rig welding. When asked how his love for art and welding mixed, he replied,” artists are better welders, it’s in your hands.”

The collection began many years ago when Jerry Rubenstein, Chairman of the Board for Texas Pipe & Supply, purchased a hippo sculpture from a statuary in El Campo, TX and placed it on the edge of the pipe yard. Shortly after a Rhino appeared, then Snoopy, and art pieces kept coming from there. As an art connoisseur, Jerry continues to encourage new and creative artworks to be displayed in the Eclectic Menagerie for inquiring eyes to see.